Corporate Car Rental Delhi- Gurgaon-NCR

TCD looks forward to tie ups with the corporate world in Delhi, Gurgaon and the rest of NCR too. If you have a company with corporate car rental requirements, TCD will be glad to provide great rates for your taxi hire, cabs hire requirements in Delhi, Gurgaon and NCR.

With the growing corporate world entities in Delhi and Gurgaon, there is an enormous growth in the demand of usage of car rentals. It is not beneficial for any company concentrating in their respective business to buy cars of their own and hire drivers or even salary them for their to and fro requirements. On the contrary it is better a corporate company ties up with any car rental company to provide them with the car rental services for their official usage.

Though the rates for the regular taxi hire or cabs hire in Delhi are around starting Rs10 per Km as per today in May 2012. TCD looks forward to offer great corporate rates for bulk car rental deals.

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