Car Rental Tour of Delhi

There are various destinations and attractions of Delhi to visit for atleast 3 days. If you like, you can see more. You can have Car Rental in Delhi for various packages below for various cars/ vehicles. For one day you can cover up 4-5 destinations. Help for a list of attractions in Delhi. Please choose for various car options and number of days option for Car Rental.

You can rent a car for 3 days to see all the spots above or any more of your choice. However you can also choose any 5 destinations of your choice to visit in one day. The cost for Car Rental in Delhi for the wholeday for 8 hours is Rs 1600 for Innova where as for the other cars you can check the car rental page for different rates for different cars.

If you have a specific itenerary of your choice we can charge you for a car rental in Delhi for whole day for 8 hours or 200 kms.

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  1 Day
(80kms per day)
2 Days
(80kms per day)
3 Days
(80kms per day)
Indica (hatch)
(4 people +1 driver)
Rs 640 Rs1280 Rs1920
(4 people +1 driver)
Rs 720 Rs1440 Rs2160
Innova (SUV)
(6 People +1 Driver)
Rs 1280 Rs 2560 Rs 3840

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